Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy new year to all my friendz. I got off work early yesterday and came home to make healthy pizza with cauliflower crust. It took more time since I didn't have a food processor, I had to cut the whole head of cauliflower up.  I even woke up and ate it for breakfast this morning. Surprisingly, I was able to stay up until midnight and blow horns and scare my daughter. I gave her a kiss first, and then my husband, and then my mother. Romantic. 

I'm obsessed with Cassey Ho and blogilates as of late. I woke up and did her pilates yesterday. I'm sore to the core. This recipe was from one of her cheap clean eats videos.

Since I've been "reading" (listening to on book on tape) a lot of Deepak Chopra lately, I have been striving to find balance and lightness. I always thought new years resolutions were stoopid but I think writing down feasible wants and goals as a way of improving your life is way cool now. Damn I'm getting so old and lame. How did this happen? 

Writing down your goals is important but more important is writing down HOW you are going to do these daunting tasks you have assigned yourself. You gotta have a plan (right MP)?

Anyhow, we were supposed to go to Universal Studios today since I have the day off but I have a lot of stuff to catch up with around the house that will make my life easier. We can always go Saturday. I don't really feel like going to a theme park then coming home and having to go to work tomorrow, it's better suited for a Saturday.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I would write it in Spanish but I don't know how to use the ~ character over a n  so if I write it I will be writing happy new anus. Not cool, unless that is what you strive for...

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  1. Hey...have you ever tried Guayaki yerba mate tea? If you're ever on this side of the Bay, stop by the Guayaki cafe in Sebastopol. I just went there today and had some of their food...OMG SO GOOD. Everything is orgasmic. I mean, organic. Same thing, right? They have this super good chai and shit. I've been drinking tea instead of coffee because I sleep better. My insomnia is getting better because of it.

    You seriously just inspired me to make a New Year's resolution too. I never do them. I just change shit that needs to be fixed. But I still have the same problem as 3. I'm kind of a meanie sometimes...especially during that time of month....or if someone cuts me off while driving. Hell hath no fury like a woman PMSing.

    When I write my first children's book, you can add that to the list at the bottom! :)

    And I love how you always add an extra funny nugget of troof to the end of your posts. Happy anus to you, too ;) If you're healthy, your anus will be healthy too. So I guess that makes sense here because I see that's one of your guys' goals.

    PS. How do I follow you without getting a Google pussy account? OH I mean Google plus account. I want to add you on Bloglovin. Get a button, girl!

    PPS. That pizza looks SOOO GOOD! I want to make that. I've made only some the recipes on my pinterest.....but I feel like I need to make more. Thanks for sharing this one!